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Did your oven give up the ghost in the middle of the roast? Has your washer stopped mid-spin cycle? Handy Yankee offers appliance repair in Auburn, ME. We specialize in both appliance repair and installation including:

• Refrigerator— Common issues include water leaking onto the floor, a cooling failure, noise, or an icemaker failure.

• Stove— Often the problem is as simple as a bad socket or switch.

• Oven—Ovens are more complex, as the issues can range from heating, burning, and broiling elements to thermostat or wiring issues.

• Dishwasher—If your dishes are not coming out clean or you have a leak, chances are simple maintenance will fix the issue. We will show you these tricks and do a repair if necessary.

• Microwave—Cracking open a microwave can be dangerous. We have the experience and skills to get your job done right the first time.

• Gas Ovens—If you are smelling gas or having ignition failure, call us immediately.

• Washing Machine—If your machine is not agitating, draining, or completing a cycle, it is time to call Handy Yankee!

• Dryer—Whether it is the thermostat, timer, or heating coils, we will get your machine repaired quickly so you can feel the warmth of clean dry clothes tonight!

Do not despair if your favorite appliance suddenly bites the dust. We will repair any appliance, old or new, and get you back to working order. If the cost of the repair ends up not making financial sense and it would just be cheaper to buy a new appliance, we will help you there too.

We offer appliance installation service and can help you choose the most energy-efficient appliance that is right for your needs and your home. Whatever you need, Handy Yankee is here to help!

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